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College is not only a time to master an academic subject, it is also the time to make new friends and explore new interests. At UMBC, there is an active club culture, with more than 200 from which to choose. At UMBC, you can talk politics, volunteer, explore world cultures, play pick-up games of Frisbee, join an a cappella group, plant a community garden – or you can even start your own club! And at UMBC you can be certain that, whatever your interests, you will find classmates with which to explore them.

Your gift to a student organization will help ensure our students have an outstanding student experience!


  • Alternative Spring Break 2019 Trip: Decarceration
  • Alternative Spring Break 2019: Refugee Child Inclusion
  • Alternative Spring Break-Creative Expression & Well-being
  • Alternative Spring Break 2019 - Healthy Relationships
  • Alternative Spring Break: Re-housing (2019)
  • BAJA Racing
  • Design Build Fly
  • Engineers Without Borders San Rafael Water Project
  • UMBC Global Brigades 2018-2019
  • Greek Life
  • NSBE
  • Public Health/Water Brigade
  • REACH Initiative Breaking gender gaps in the STEM field
  • Retriever Poets CUPSI Poetry Slam Competition, Houston, TX
  • S.T.A.R. Program

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